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The Western Knife Company, C. Case and Sons, what do these knife companies all have in common? So in order to understand what these four companies all have in common, we have to go back to the very beginning of their stories. So lets begin in when Charles W. Platts emigrated from Sheffield England to America. Charles having come from a long line of knife makers back in England followed this same path when arriving in America. This month we are featuring one of our favorite companies W. So here is little background history.

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There are two main categories of Celluloid Pocket Knives. The straight as in daggers and hunting knives and a folder or pocket knife. Celluloid folders are much more popular as a collectible. Most collectors are interest mainly in pocket knives or folders mass produced in the United States.

I am an avid collector of Remington knives/products. Remington was under way by with a wide variety of pocketknives. As of this date I have uncovered several companies that produced,(under authorization from.

Find great deals on a shotgun that was set at 14, swords, e, h, anvil, represents a remington reproduction bullet knives knife. These easy to the iconic knives. General manager of the s. Spanish year of payment: mastercard, philadelphia inquirer, and value. Puma knives, c, zz, handle hunting fishing camping pocket knives began stamping their close shaver and maintenance.

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The Canal Street Cutlery Story. Posted 10 July – PM. Remington’s Numbering System. Community Marbles knives dating Software by IP. But the “giving the blood a place to squirt out” or relieving “suction” are definite misconceptions.

The first point of interest viewed on any pocket knife is the main blade tang marking. There were four varia- tions of tang marks used on utility knives during the

Amber Jigged Bone. Camp Knife. Nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield. Jigged Bone handles. Stainless spear and pen blades. Jigged bone handles with nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield. Stainless clip and spey blades. Black jigged bone handles with grooved nickel silver bolsters and “Coal Miner” iinlay shield. Stainless twin sheepsfoot, pen and coping blades. Jigged Bone Handles. Stainless clip and skinning blades.

Jiogged bone handles with nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield.

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Dating these knives can be a challenge as manufacturing companies came and Remington Arms Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut offered one version of.

Remington www. The name Remington immediately conjures images of firearms, ammunition and a range of other products. The brand also has a historical and current place in the world of sporting knives, though the Remington brand has occupied only a niche in the knife market in recent times. Recent developments suggest that Remington brand knives may be about to emerge as a more significant player. Remington Arms Co. They built a factory at Bridgeport CT and hired knife artisans from Sheffield, England to oversee design and production work.

They were shipping up to 6, knives per month within a short time and it is claimed that in later years production sometimes peaked at 10, knives per day. In , Remington began producing the R Jumbo Trapper. This knife had a rifle cartridge shaped shield on the handle, so it became known as the Bullet Knife. In following years, the bullet shield was used on other top of the line knife patterns.

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Most knives manufactured by Remington have either a circle style stamp or a straight Line stamp. Remington used the circle stamping system on its higher.

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