For 1st Time, Casey Anthony Speaks about Case

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RELATED: Casey Anthony ‘bored out of her mind’ in Palm Beach County She’s of people and chasing down thousands of leads, it takes some doing. to gym during the date-rape trial of his cousin, Willie Smith – including a.

Miranda rights , and the proper administration of them, can mean the difference between a win or a loss in a criminal case — even before someone is put under arrest. One need look no further than Casey Anthony ‘s capital murder case in Florida, which is set to go to trial in two months. The stakes don’t get any higher than a death-penalty case, where judges often give the benefit of tough arguments to a defendant during litigation.

After all, they don’t want to get this wrong. A person’s life is at stake. In Anthony’s case, her attorneys seemed to be tipping their hand this week regarding her defense strategy. In pretrial hearings, they have been grilling everyone from the first officers who responded to the family’s call reporting that Anthony’s daughter , 2-year-old Caylee , was missing, to the family members themselves. The lawyers want to know exactly how Anthony was treated by police from the get-go.

And they may be on to something. It turns out Anthony briefly was handcuffed and put in the back of a cruiser within about two hours of police arriving to investigate her daughter’s disappearance. The handcuffs weren’t on for long — Anthony was free to re-enter her home to continue answering police questions — but the damage may have been done: Everything she said from the moment the cuffs were slapped on could be tossed out court and suppressed at trial.

Casey Anthony Breaks Her Silence About Case, Acquittal, Life

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AP – The Florida woman who was dubbed by cable TV-show hosts as “the most hated mom in America” after she was accused of killing her toddler says she still doesn’t know how the last hours of her daughter’s life unfolded. In exclusive interviews with The Associated Press, Casey Anthony says the last time she saw 2-year-old Caylee she “believed that she was alive and that she was going to be OK. Anthony now lives in the South Florida home of Patrick McKenna, a private detective on her defense team.

She works for him, doing investigative work. McKenna also was the lead investigator for OJ Simpson. Anthony says she’s become fascinated with that case, with “parallels” to her circumstances. Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Casey Anthony’s Life Now, 10 Years After Daughter Caylee Vanished

Caylee Anthony, 2, was last seen on June 16, , but was first reported missing by her grandmother on July When Anthony was arrested on charges of child neglect, she told police at that time Caylee had disappeared with a babysitter. A utility worker working in a wooded area near the Anthony home in Orlando, Fla.

The Casey Anthony jury could be deliberating her fate over the holiday weekend Lead detective Yuri Melich then testified about his interactions with Kronk Perry said he will reserve judgment on the issue until a later date.

On the 15th of July, is a date that sticks in your mind like maggots on a rotting corpse as you watch the Casey Anthony trial. Therefore, it also should elicit careful study and an intelligent response, or analysis if you will from the jurors, and ultimately precise scrutiny from the massive audience, whose attention is captured uninterrupted. Pristine focus is guaranteed for millions!

Yea, I know, that day again. What was the trigger for this enlightenment? What a compelling piece of evidence. It occurred to me, this interview is happening at 4 in the morning on July 16, That means the detectives had been there for 12 hours already. My goodness, this must have been tense, possibly surreal, and yet Casey is cool, calm and collect, as she weaves a tale of an evil nanny who kidnapped her child.

Her story is pretty convincing as a first impression. I suspect she must have thought it through carefully in the 31 days preceding her having to tell it all. If you have time, listen to part 10, where Melich tells of visiting the Sawgrass Apartments and the Conway Townhouses with Casey. She must have known the gig was up by then. This is contained in Part

‘What really happened?’: The Casey Anthony case 10 years later

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In , Anthony told the Associated Press that she was living in the home of private investigator Patrick McKenna, the lead investigator on her.

Best-known as the lead prosecutor in the O. A pretty big deal. Each two-hour episode of the new docuseries will analyze the first 48 hours of notorious cases in order to explore new angles, unravel the mysteries behind the crimes, and attempt to discover the truth buried in the first If you’re watching “The People v OJ Simpson” in light of Simpson’s release from prison , get ready for some surprises.

Here are nine bizarre details FX left out. Clark played by Sarah Paulson once missed a flight because she forgot about her gun and had to fill out federal forms to carry it. While living with his wife Barbara, Cochran Courtney B.

Where is Casey Anthony now?

Nine years after the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Casey Anthony has given a rare interview in which she again denied knowing much about how Caylee Anthony passed away. Casey knows that many people still believe she killed Caylee, despite her acquittal in The Associated Press conducted a series of interviews with Casey, though it’s unclear why she agreed to speak with the news agency.

Marcia Clark Says A&E Docuseries Uncovered New Evidence in Casey Anthony Case. TCA Lead prosecutor in OJ Simpson trial.

George Anthony was a police officer and his wife, Cindy, was a homemaker. They had a son, Lee, who was older than Casey. By all later accounts, this family was anything but functional. Casey was an outgoing and highly social kid. She was also notorious for bending the truth and pushing boundaries. Casey became pregnant with Caylee at age nineteen and, to this day, there is no official record of who the biological father was.

Casey Anthony was also unemployable. She bounced between jobs including one she got fired from at Universal Studios. She remained living with her parents who financially supported Casey and Caylee. By the summer of , Casey Anthony was partying hard and neglecting Caylee for extended periods during which the grandparents cared for the little girl. Caylee Anthony was last seen alive on June 16, Casey made numerous conflicting statements to her parents about Caylee including one story that a new nanny was sitting for her.

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Casey Anthony Trial : Day 2, Part 2 Of 2 Casey’s Ex-Boyfriend